Why Join Our Club?

People often ask why they should a breed specialty club like PBHC.  Being a member involves spending time, energy and at least a small amount of money in the form of dues.  So, here are some of the reasons why you should consider joining our club …

  • to share the company of other people who love basset hounds – who else can better appreciate the crazy antics of your dogs than fellow basset lovers!
  • to learn about the breed, it’s history and the wide range of activities you can do with your basset
  • to get answers to questions about behavior and health from people who have owned, trained and/or bred bassets for many years
  • to protect and advance the interests of the breed so that it remains healthy and true to its origins
  • to compete with your basset in all kinds of canine sports including dog shows, obedience trials, hunt tests & field trials, fun matches and more

It only costs $15 for a family to join the club, receive the newsletter and get discounts on club events. That’s a small investment in the future happiness of your dog and your enjoyment of life with him!