About Us

Pilgrim Basset Hound Club was founded by a group of basset hound enthusiasts in the Greater Boston area in 1953 and has been active in competition events, breeder & fancier education, companion training, and general socialization.

Traditional club events include:

  • Annual Specialty Shows.  Conformation dog shows featuring sweepstakes, junior showmanship, and breed competition classes.  In 2023 the club will hold its 67th and 68th  continuous event with a show in the morning, sweepstakes mid-day, and another show in the afternoon. Our next Specialty Show will be August 13, 2023 at Performance Plus K9 Raynham, MA.
  • Winter Specialty Show.  Another conformation dog show held in conjunction with Eastern Dog club in early December each year.  The show is held at the Eastern States Exposition Center, Better Living Building.
  • Educational Meetings.  A lecture on a topic concerning canine health and behavior.  The club typically holds two educational seminars on topics of interest to dog owners.  For the past several years these events have addresses such canine health topics as heart, skin, eye health; breeding and genetic diseases; cancer; and emergency medicine.  Events are usually held at the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn, MA.  MVRH has provided the speakers and a conference room for our use.  We also have board and general club meetings on these event dates.
  • (sort of) Annual Obedience & Rally Trial.  A competition event showing the ability of bassets to complete a formal set of obedience skills.  The club earned its obedience license from the American Kennel Club in 2004.  We have not held an event since 2012 but are working to put these competitions back on our calendar.
  • Field Trials.  A competition event where bassets work in brace to chase rabbits and demonstrate their natural hunting skills.  The club was originally started by field trialers but regained its event license from the AKC in 2011.  The club now holds two trials, a Spring Trial in May and a Fall Trial in October.  Both events are usually held at the Little Rhody Beagle Club in Warwick, RI.
  • Summer Picnic.  A social gathering of basset hound fanciers and their dogs.  For the last several years this event has been held at a members home in NH.  We enjoy great food and fun in the sun with our dogs.  A general club meeting is also held.
  • Hunting Performance Test.  A competition event where the dogs find game and chase it in a more realistic hunting setting.  These events are sanctioned by the Basset Hound Club of America.  The club held its first event in 2014 and plans to continue to do so in the future.  Events are also usually held at the Little Rhody Beagle Club.
  • Matches.  Unofficial competition events to practice dog show and obedience trial skills.  The club used to hold two independent events each year but now schedules them when locations can be found.  The primary focus is on a social gathering with our dogs as well as a little training for future competition.
  • Annual Meeting.  General meeting where elections are held.  Our new location for this event is Cafe Primavera in Millis, MA.  We partake of the restaurant’s weekly Sunday buffet brunch, run raffles and a Yankee Gift Swap, a hand out annual achievement awards to members who have earned new titles on their dogs.

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